Information for Entrepreneurs

Our Investment Criteria

Fulcrum Financial Partners, LP, is the lead venture vehicle for Fulcrum Financial Services.  Fulcrum Financial Services acts as the General Partner for the partnership and exercises all decision making with respects to the fund.


Industry Sectors

We are agnostic with respect to sectors.  Fulcrum will consider investing in any company with a sound business plan, strong management, and a positive societal impact.



Fulcrum only invests in companies located within reasonable proximity to the Research Triangle of North Carolina.


Stage and Structure

Any stage from seed to growth is acceptable.  Fulcrum will only invest in C corporations.  Unfortunately, we cannot invest in limited liability companies or partnerships of any kind.


Capital Requirements

Fulcrum focuses primarily on companies with modest capital requirements and relatively short runways.  We will, from time to time, consider investing in companies with larger capital requirements if they have a strong lead investor or syndicate.


Societal Impact

In keeping with our philosophy of investing towards a better future, we favor companies which present significant opportunities for advancing the human condition.  This is not necessarily an investing requirement, but it is an important factor in our evaluation process.  Qualified women and minority-owned and managed companies will be given additional consideration.