Investor Information

Investing Towards a Better Future

Interested in learning more about what Fulcrum Financial Services can do for you?  In a nutshell, Fulcrum provides sophisticated asset management solutions to qualified individuals, institutional investors, and foundations.


Fund Types

Investments are placed through our funds, which fall into two categories.  Our principal investment vehicle is Fulcrum Financial Partners, LP.  This is our lead fund and the locus of activity for venture investments.  In addition, we also manage bespoke funds which are tailored to meet the unique needs of our individual clients.  Fulcrum managers have over twenty years of experience investing in both the public and private securities markets.


Client Fit

In order to optimize our relationships with our investors, we prefer to be selective about whom we take on as a client.  At Fulcrum, we employ a patient and disciplined approach to investing and seek clients who understand and appreciate this methodology.


Public Securities Portfolios

For portfolio investments in publicly traded securities, Fulcrum takes a macro approach to market participation.  Rather than trade in individual securities, we generally invest in broadly diversified holdings such as ETFs.  Our movements in and out of markets depend on larger, macroeconomic trends rather than the fluctuating fortunes of individual companies.  We do not engage in high volume, rapid-fire trading, but rather take positions and hold them until conditions change or reallocation is warranted. This process is both more cost effective and tax efficient for our investors.


Venture Investments

When reviewing venture investments, we consider a variety of factors.  We weigh not only financial components, such as profit potential, cash runway and balance sheets, but also how well the company “fits” in with our mandate to invest towards a better future.  We consider less tangible factors, including how our investment can advance scientific knowledge, save lives, reduce income or social inequality, or otherwise improve the human condition.  At Fulcrum, we prefer to guide our investments towards companies that have the potential to make the world a better place.